Super Light Sprint & Midget Gears


These gears have been used by more traveling professional racing teams than all others. If you need gears that take less horsepower to run and will last many seasons these are the gears. Made with proprietary steel and proprietary heat treating. Under cut along with lightening holes for more reduction in weight. Crown shaved tooth profile.


10 spline gear sets


6 spline gear sets


Crown shaved tooth profile


Proprietary steel and heat treating


Available in a variety of sets with different tooth counts


What Sets Us Apart

Beginning in the late 1980’s with standard weight, crown shaved quick change gears and continuing with the first generation of lightweight sprint car gears for the 1994 World of Outlaws championship team of Kenny Woodruff and Dave Blaney, B&J Engineering has developed a reputation for unsurpassed quality. Over the last 30 plus years our constant refinement of process and design has kept our customers winning races and championships all over the United States and Down Under.

Crafted from domestically produced aircraft quality 9310 material, these gears are crowned shaved to produce an ideal wear pattern, reduced operating temperatures and longer life even with the stress and flex of lightweight magnesium rear end housings.

After heat treating with the latest process and cryogenics each gear is meticulously inspected for quality before being boxed and shipped.

The 10 spline champ change gears are 1 3/8” wide. Standard lightening with the side of the gears grooved and superlight with the grooving and holes drilled in them. Each set of superlight gears weighs approximately 4.25 lbs., give or take a couple ounces depending on the ratio. All of the weight savings is achieved with zero loss of strength of the gear.

Attention to detail, weight and quality is what keeps customers like Tony Stewart Racing and Kasey Kahne Racing winning with our products. Second to none, these gears are widely regarded as the best quick change gears available.

Another product we developed in 2000 and hit the track in 2001 with Bob East and Steve Lewis are lightweight midget gears. These 6 spline quick change gears reflect the same process and quality of the larger 10 spline gears but for the smaller rear ends. At 1” wide, grooved and drilled these are the first and the lightest midget size gears available at only 2.2 lbs. each!