Custom Axles

For extreme racing conditions


Having been in business over 30 years serving the needs of the on and off road racing industries, we have excelled in making high quality splined shafts. Input shafts, axles and torsion/sway bars are just a few examples.


Features a heat treated steel construction


Available double spline axle with shoulder


Available in several lengths to custom fit your project

Why Choose Us

Our wide range of gear capability and experience means that we can produce nearly any shaft and spline combination that suits your purpose. From a short 1 inch diameter stub shaft to a 3 inch diameter, 60 inch long 7075 aluminum axle for a drag or sprint car.

While other materials are available, we specialize in 300M material for most applications such as swingaxles, 930 and 934 IRS axles, 40 spline truck axles, 31 and 35 spline torsion bars and stub axles. Utilizing this material and the latest heat treating processes ensures a high quality product that will be resilient in the harsh environment of off road racing.

From small orders for one shaft to large production orders of multiple lengths and sizes, we have the capacity and attention to detail to handle any order with efficiency and accuracy the first time.